The Family Tree PhD Community Membership

Best for: Beginning to Advanced Family Historians


Let’s solve one of your biggest problems today, shall we?

You want to document your family history but you have no idea where to start

You have no idea how to research your family or where to look

You have been working on your family tree and have hit a serious roadblock

You have no idea how to approach relatives and ask for information

You like the thought of having a community of encouraging friends to help and offer you advice along your family tree journey

So let’s help you get started in the right direction today.

The Family Tree PhD Genealogy Community Membership was made for budding and experienced family historians who are struggling to document their family history for future their kids and grandkids in order to leave a lasting legacy.

When you join the Family Tree PhD Genealogy Community Membership you will benefit from:


Join a community of both budding and experienced family historians ready to support you on your family history journey ~ in an easy to use, 100% troll-free community!



Tap into the knowledge of experienced family historians to start or expand your genealogy research. Learn the best tips and tricks for finding records and sources to expand your family tree.



Tackle the toughest research roadblocks with the help of a supportive community. And make some new friends and have fun sharing your experiences along the genealogy journey!


What would just having support and trusted friends to ask for advice mean for your family history journey?

Perhaps it would mean that your children, grandchildren, and great-great-great grandchildren would be able to learn from you about their ancestors.

I want you to feel empowered when you start your family history research!

So when you join the Family Tree PhD Genealogy Community Membership we won’t just help you get more confident with your research and story telling skills: we’ll also help you get more generations documented with ease.

Our Family Tree PhD Genealogy Community Membership normally starts at $300 for a year of access to the community. But if you sign up today as a Founding member of our community, you can sprinkle some instant genealogy magic dust on your family search with our Community Membership Founding Member Offer and you can get started today for just one payment of $150 for a year of access. You will also be able to lock in the Founding Member price of $150/year for as long as you remain in the community.

Thank you for subscribing!


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