Tell me if any of this sounds familiar to you.

I have been actively researching my own family history for over 30 years. I have amassed filing cabinets full of documents, notes, letters, photographs and computer hard drives full of files, photos, videos, recorded interviews and so much more. I had all the information, but I had never done anything with it to make it available and interesting to the rest of the family, or the next generation of the family.

I have aaaaall the information, but it’s been sitting in folders (both real and virtual) or in my own head for three decades.

I wanted to share all of this, all these stories and memories, with my current family and future generations but I struggled with where to start and how to go about it.

Enter: The Pandemic™

Shortly before The Pandemic™ started, my Mom’s cousin asked me to help her put together some family history information for her nephew who lost his Dad (her brother) when he was just a teenager. Could I help?

Duh. OF COURSE I CAN. But….how?

And thus began The Great Family History Book Project (as it came to be known in my head)

I have decades of experience with genealogy. I have decades of experience with graphic design and storytelling. I decided to put together a digital family history book so we could print copies for anyone in the family who wanted one.

Simple, right? Yeah, not so much. I sorted through mountains of documents and volumes of photographs. I researched. I interviewed relatives. I crafted the stories of our ancestors lives. I designed each page from scratch.

And the project took a year and a half to complete.

The upside? It came out AMAZING! My Mom’s cousin was in tears (happy tears). Her nephew was overwhelmed (good overwhelmed). My Mom called every few hours to talk about it once she got her copy (she called every few hours for WEEKS).

The bigger upside? When my Mom’s cousin asked if I could do something similar for her husband’s family, from research to finished product it only took a few months.

And he was so excited when he received his book that he literally had no words (he’s about as stoic as they get – so leaving him speechless with emotion was a monumental feat).

Word spread quickly through family, friends and acquaintances and I rapidly racked up more and more requests to put together family history books for people. I love it. Being able to give people back their family stories is incredible, for me and especially for them.

Being able to give people back their family stories is incredible, for me and especially for them.

And now? I want to help YOU tell the story of your family.

I want to help YOU tell the story of your family. I want to help YOU recover your lost ancestors, document your family stories, finally do something with all those files and photos you have collected and compete your priceless family history book.

Because truly, you cannot put a price on an heirloom family history book that will pass on the memories and stories of your family to your kids, grandkids and countless future generations.

I hope you’re as excited to get started as I am for you to begin documenting your family stories! You’ll be amazed how easy it is to do once you get started.

Ready to create your own priceless heirloom that will leave your children, grandchildren, and even the most stoic family members speechless with emotion?

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