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I just received my Treasured Family Book from these guys and I cannot tell you how AMAZING this book is to our Family! The history, the stories, the steps that my family took to get where we are today! Priceless!!!!

This service is thorough and quick with responses and information. Pictures, stories, family tree, accomplishments and just life in general. Thank you for this Gift! Totally recommend this service to anyone wanting to pass their family journey on to the next Generation!


Granddaughter of Italian Immigrants

Every so often you come across a wonderful service. This is one that I can’t recommend enough!

Anyone wanting to search out their family history and compile a book that can be handed down for Generations filled with details on family history, pictures and stories. Such a treasure! Thank you so very much for your detailed research!

2x Great Grandson of Civil War Captain

The information we have learned about our family is INCREDIBLE! So many people do research on ancestry and come up with a sterile list of names, dates and documents but this actually tells the stories of our family’s lives and struggles. It brings our ancestors to life in a way that a standard family tree can’t.

The storytelling aspect and the design of our book is amazing and is what will make this a treasured keepsake for generations to come!  


Granddaughter of WWII survivor of the bombing of the USS Colbert

Create your family history book without knowing where to start

You have always wanted to make your own family history book to record your memories for your kids, grandkids and future generations but you have no idea how to do it. Maybe you think the only way to complete your family history book is by spending thousands of lonely hours in front of the computer, trying to figure out how to organize it, struggling with writing or paying a high-priced professional genealogist to do it for you. Maybe you’re not the best writer. Or you have no idea how to organize or format a book like this. But you want your stories to be remembered and passed on to future generations. You want to create a family history book for your children and grandchildren. But….how? Enter: Family Tree PhD.

Tell Your Family Story, Painlessly

So you’re not a writer. No problem. We are here to help with tips, tricks, and strategies for telling your family history story in an approachable, engaging way that brings your stories to life and makes the process of telling them fun as well. Give your kids, grandkids and future generations the gift of your family stories – the ones you wish you had from your parents and grandparents. We coach and support you along your journey – no expensive software to buy, experts to pay, fruitless searches to undertake – just a roadmap to make your own family history book and a community of supportive fellow travelers that can help guide you in documenting your family history for generations to come. The result? A priceless family keepsake filled with your memories, stories and wisdom and a new ‘family’ of friends you made along the way.

relax Knowing You have a trusted roadmap to CREATE your priceless family HISTORY BOOK

Things you can stop worrying about: the time it will take to figure out what on God’s Green Earth you’re doing; where to even start; how to put all the information together in a way that the next generation will care about; how to write it all down and tell your stories in an engaging way; how to organize your book, what it should look like and how to put it together. Don’t know anything about writing a family history book? We’ve got you. Looking for family history book examples? We’ve got you. No clue how to put together your family history book layout? We’ve got you. All you need to do is follow the roadmap provided by seasoned family historians who have completed family history books and survived to tell the tale. Tell your kids and grandkids the story of where you came from and how your family sacrificed to get you here. Find photos of your ancestors and learn that your family history isn’t boring after all. And realize that this journey of family discovery is meant to be fun and exciting, and it will be, when you undertake the journey with the right guides and the right tools.

You Don’t Have to Be As Tech Saavy As You Think

You don’t have to be a writer. Writing a family history book shouldn’t be a chore. You don’t have to be a graphic designer. Designing your family history book layout can be as easy as choosing a family history book template. You don’t even have to be computer saavy. All you need is the desire to tell your stories for future generations to remember. Tell us your biggest worries. And let us help get you started today. Because the stress and frustration of ‘I don’t know how’ should never stop you from creating a family keepsake that will be cherished for generations to come! Sign up for the Family History Book Roadmap course and we’re excited to help get you started!

“Some family trees have beautiful leaves, and some have just a bunch of nuts. Remember, it is the nuts that make the tree worth shaking.”

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